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Twisted Times

The Twisted Times Treasure Hunt Collection of NFT's. Ciphers and Puzzled Embedded Into Each. Solve all 24 to unlock the Treasure Wallet (Still Unsolved) All secondary market royalities go into the Treasure Wallet.


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Why Crow Tokens?

Why Not? Even the best Layer 1 Blockchain in the world has to excrete some shit coins...may as well be this one.


Just kidding, its a shit token for giggles and laughs. Not meant to take over the world.


Yeah, high quality shit coin built on the best Layer 1 Blockchain in the world. CT's are high quality by default.


The icon was part of the theme so I kept it here because it looks distinguished, like my grey hair.


Well, "bigger" community. Maybe the community will grow over time but if not, we still have each other.


Wallets Connected




Apps In Dev



How it works!



Getting Crow Tokens is easy! Just comment on a Crypto Crow video with something relevent and add your ADA Address. You may just see a reply with a transaction code and some Crow Tokens in your wallet.

There will be many ways to get free Crow Tokens coming so make sure your chill in the nest.


Stake to CROW node.

We are working on a way to distribute Crow Tokens to CROW node stakers in addition to the ADA already recieved..

Stay on the lookout for updates on this effort in the blog..


Grab a Murder Of Crows NFT

The Murder Of Crows NFT Collection has been growing as word spreads.

We are working on a method to award Crow Tokens to MOC holders! Stay tuned to the blog for updates!

Fair Launch June 19 on

I have given away a little over 2 Billion of the 125 Billion Total Crow Tokens to Fans and Supporters and 100% of the remaining tokens are being sent to a protocol as well as 10,000 ADA tokens, which will be locked to begin a liquidity pool. I’m donating all of this to bring Crow Tokens to the world. There is no use case other than access to the Crow Tokens Group on which is Policy ID gated. There is no expectation of price increase or value whatsoever. Crow Tokens are a legacy meme token worth nothing but they will last forever on the Cardano blockchain and hopefully help inspire the tale of those of us that were early into Cardano since 2017 and continued educating others.

Lets just have fun!

Your questions, answered!

Crow Tokens are meme tokens distributed to those engaged in the Crypto Crow community in a variety of ways.

Crow Tokens are shit coins for fun on the Cardano blockchain and not meant to make people zillionaires.

We dont sell Crow Tokens, we give them away. If you list them on a DEX somewhere, that is up to you. We dont control any markets related to these tokens.

Umm, maybe you shouldn't? Some people like free stuff, even if its a shit coin..

Twisted Times is a very limited collection of Parody NFT's with embedded codes and ciphers in them that when all solved, will open a Cardano Wallet containing ADA that will grow from secondary market royalties. This was started as a Covid time killer to bring communities together for a unified purpose that was fun and challenging. The Treasure Chest has still not been opened.

MOC NFTs are just a fun collection of 10,000 NFTs with a variety of fun use cases that continue to grow over time.

Crow Token

We at Crow Token Make No Promise Of Potential Gains Whatsoever. It's A Shitcoin with no use case. Anything that happens with it from Policy ID Minting on, is a surprise, for better or worse.

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Cardano Ecosystem Metrics

Holding Crow Tokens on your Cardano Wallet will get you access to Crypto Crow’s Cardano Ecosytem Metrics Spreadsheet! This is a living document established using a 12 point system by which the potential safety of Cardano based projects are rated.

These metrics and associated videos related to these metrics or reviews are not meant to be used as financial or investment advice. They are merely an opinion based method for reviewing the potential safety of projects related to ease of getting in or out of a position, life span of the project, the team, use case demand and the like.