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Over 2 Billion Tokens Freely Distributed


As of 5/30/2023 we have distributed over 2,000,000,000 Crow Tokens to fans that have engaged in the Crypto Crow’s content on Youtube and Twitter.  View The Transactions Here

I am working on ideas on how to get more tokens out in a more automated fashion. The ideas so far as a follows, and their associated concerns:

#1 Staking Murder Of Crow NFT’s – While this would be the best and easiest way, this could potentially make the MOC NFT’s securities as they would generate a yield. There are nuances to this though, being that no MOC NFT has been minted with any expectation of Yield, Value or anything else which is fine. However, if we now begin enabling holders to stake them for Crow Tokens as a yield, even though they themselves are just a valueless meme token for fun, and the MOC NFT’s are still available for minting, this would change the NFT’s. However, if we turn off minting and just keep what have been minted to date and then offer a yield to those that exist, it may solve this problem. Talking to a lawyer about it means little as there is little to no clarification to what is ok and what isn’t and the SEC has no interest in providing this clarity for the benefit of the space.

#2. Offer tokens on a Faucet – We could potentially build a faucet that enables people to claim X amount of tokens per day and then potentially sell ad space on that page but the user claiming the tokens would have to pay the transfer fee in ADA which is about 1.5 ADA right now.

#3. Fair Launch Dex – We could launch the remaining tokens on a DEX and just let people buy them as they want and as long as no reserves are held by me, that could be ok. Still not sure on this.

#4. Continue sending them freely – For me personally, I would prefer sending the tokens freely to people who engage my content. Like a frequent flier mile or something. Currently, the Crow Tokens can provide access to the Crow Token Sobloks Group which is a private Policy ID gated group for holders to gather and discuss the tokens in private. If I distribute the tokens freely and people create their own DEX listings etc, that is up to them and if there is a market for people to get their tokens immediately instead of waiting for the chance at getting them for free, then that is up to them.

Overall, the cryptocurrency markets are a fun, exciting and vast space. Those of us that have been around since 2017 or even before have watched the markets change dramatically cycle to cycle and as such, we have learned that there is a lot of profiteering and dishonest ventures looking to capitalize on the new investors and traders. I have always been one to try and genuinely help people in the space. I never focus on click bait titles on Youtube or gaming the system for subscribers or metrics. I never try to mislead people into things just to fatten my own wallet at their expense. I deliver everything in a Call it as I See it manner that comes straight from the heart and just enjoy providing for people in ways that are possible.

If I am able to live my life, grow my own life security while bringing others along for the ride through education and the like, then everyone wins. My Crow Tokens are just an extension of this effort and my goal is to get them into millions of wallets as a reminder to people that they have a Crow on their shoulder anytime they need me.

I encourage your ideas on how to best achieve this goal and I wish you all the best.

Until next time, subscribe to my Channel and I’ll see you soon.

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