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I Will Live Forever Through You

Let me tell you my story.

After many years of being too busy to attend a camping trip with my uncles, which they would do about every year, the male side of my family of giants finally convinced me. It was 2015 and my uncles Tom, Mike and Mark along with my cousins Alex, Luke and Daniel were all going and I decided it would be a great bonding experience between my step son, Xander, and I as well as an opportunity for him to feel what its like being surrounded by a bunch of talking trees.

crows sitting at a campfire

That night my uncle Mike, a Navy veteran and the closest person I had to a father figure growing up and everyone else were sitting around a camp fire talking. Mike had explained his heart condition that consisted of a growing Aortic valve that could potentially rupture at literally any moment of any day. He had made peace with this idea and while surgery was possible, he had been recently told that the growth wasn’t enough to justify such a risky surgery and the doctors wanted to wait another year. In the midst of all of this, my uncle was a long time subscriber to the Motley Fool and essentially bought what they said to buy and sold what they said to sell. Over time he amassed a substantial sum of dividend paying stocks. He explained that if he were to drop right then speaking to me, my aunt and cousins would be ok just from the dividends alone. I was so inspired by this conversation and I didn’t know much about the stock market but I knew it was time to learn.


That was the last time I ever saw my uncle. Over the next couple of years I was researching dividend stocks and reading Motley fool. My uncle gave me access to his newsletter every month and I would play around with the Robinhood app. Slowly accumulating shares of various stocks and cheerfully counting up the dividend yields as they came in which I used to buy more shares.

I’m now driving close to my house and I get a call from my aunt Barb. “Mike just died. He passed

away at dinner in China.” I couldn’t hear another word and immediately broke down so hard I couldn’t drive. I stopped the car and tried calling my wife. Through sobbing and mumbling she understood enough to know to come get me. I Got out of my car and attempted to walk but fell, repeatedly. My legs just wouldn’t work. Memories flashing through my head of the countless jokes my uncle would tell. The time he would spend with me as a kid teaching me about solid state electronics. All of the times we would wrestle and play fight in grandmas front lawn when he would come home from the Navy. The time most recently where he told me he knew what was coming and he was at peace with it and prepared.

I don’t handle mortality well as it is. I fear my mortality and the last funeral I ever went to was my Grandmother. I couldn’t say goodbye. I walked up to her lying there silent and kissed her forehead. The cold, hollowness I felt sent me down into a crying fit of disbelief and despair I’ve never forgotten to this day. I didn’t attend my uncle’s funeral. I wanted to remember him as I do. I learned from my Grandmother that it’s best to remember someone alive and as they were, not who or what they are now. Each funeral a lasting impression of how everything comes to an end for all of us.

My uncle was only 55 years old when he passed. I myself am now 45 years old and time is ticking.

Through my research into dividend stocks, penny stocks and the like, I discovered cryptocurrencies. I had heard about it back in 2013 and thought Bitcoin was just some virtual token people used to sell MMORPG items on the secondary market. I missed that boat, but now, I was paying attention. I sucked up every video I could at the time from guys like Ian Balina, Suppoman and others while I read so many whitepapers. I would sit around looking up terms used in the tech docs and follow those rabbit holes down into new technologies and potential use cases. I read and watched so much about Crypto over the course of 3 months, it was literally all I did with every waking minute to the point I was half losing my mind until one night I woke up in a crying fit, waking up my now scared wife who began trying to understand what was wrong.

It all came together in my head like a giant puzzle and believe it or not, I created Decentralized Finance before there was DEFI, at least, in my head. I called it a Universal Wallet. I tried to explain it all to her in a manic firehose and I wrote it all down into a white paper and posted it on Bitcointalk forums. Nobody understood what the hell I was talking about so I had an animated video made trying to explain it in a more simple way. It was a project called Zempa that I was going to try and launch through the WAVES platform. Yeah, I know. Funny now. I thought my idea was going to change the world but nobody “got it”. Here is my pitch from way back then. There likely were Dex platforms back in 2017 but I sure didn’t know anything about them at the time. I just knew that this technology I was learning so much about was going to change the world and I wanted to be a part of it and the idea for Zempa woke me up. Zempa never went anywhere and I moved on with my self education. I noticed that my kids were enthralled by Youtube and thought, one of the best ways to learn is to teach.

I decided it would be a cool idea to launch a Youtube channel in hopes that maybe my kids would take an interest in what Dad was doing and learn something. I started my Youtube channel in November of 2017. I began talking about everything I was learning and sharing my journey in the blockchain space. I built and Ethereum Mining Rig and began investing the ETH I would mine up. I maxed out 3 credit cards at the time just to fund my little project and I ended up turning $3,000 into $90,000 in about 60 days. I showed Youtube how I did it, what I looked for, my metrics etc. This is when I started to grow and grow quickly. For a while I was growing by 2,500 subscribers a day. It was growing so fast that before long I was at 50k subs which started to feel surreal. Why did anyone care what I had to say? Why did I make so much money so fast? Was this all real? Did I deserve everything that was happening? I started suffering from imposter syndrome and wanted to do more to earn everything that was happening in my life. I wanted to help the world. I wanted to make everyone wealthy through this discovery of mine. I wanted to change lives. Then the peak happened. What was once gold had turned to dust and yet, I wasn’t phased. I just kept learning and kept doing my best to educate others. I was always transparent and never bullshit my viewers.

Here we are now, in 2023 preparing for the next Bitcoin halving in 2024 which likely will spring into a new peak in 2025 (though nothing is guaranteed). Through the year I’ve helped many people change their lives by educating them on various projects and while it all hasn’t been bells and whistles, it’s been a roller coaster. Through all of these years I’ve had countless people ask me when I would launch my own token. “When Crow Token?!” I’d see in my comments or chat channels. I never saw the point until recently when it dawned on me that just the existence of something can be the very point for it to exist.

My uncle inspired me to find become an investor and because of him I discovered cryptocurrencies. Now, 45 years old with a list of failed business ideas and successful ones, I’ve forgotten more than many learn in a lifetime and much of it makes up the content on my Youtube channel and backed up on Rumble. At my age, you begin to question your worth to the world, to your family. You want to find deeper purpose and meaning in everything just to make sense of why you are here at all. How do you help the world? How do you use the talents and gifts given to you to give your life meaning and legacy.

Through Crow Tokens, my legacy will live for eternity through all of you.

Crow Tokens are a tongue in cheek meme token with no expectation of value whatsoever. It’s what I would call the best shit coin on my favorite blockchain, Cardano. It has no use case other than providing access to the Crow Tokens private group on and that’s about it. No, it’s primary use case is to send a message to everyone in the world that with enough effort, belief and desire to learn with an open mind, anyone can change their life and in sharing their journey, inspire others to do the same.

Crow Tokens are my way of providing something for people to remember me by forever. I’m not sick or anything, nor have I pissed off any politicians so I don’t plan on going anywhere for many more years, but the way Crow Tokens are being setup and launched, they will be around essentially, forever, carrying my message and hopefully inspiring the tale of my uncle Mike, and my journey to help others have the same epiphanies that I have.

I’ve minted 125,000,000,000 Crow Tokens on the Cardano Blockchain.

I’ve given away 2,150,000,000 Crow Tokens to fans, friends and supporters for free.

I am sending the remainder of all of my Crow Tokens to a protocol on as well as 10,000 ADA as a donation to establish a fair launch for all. The 10,000 ADA I donate may be matched by and all will be locked in the protocol forever.

At this point, I will have 0 CROW Tokens however, upon the public launch on Monday, June 19th, 2023 I will be of the first to buy some CROW Tokens back for myself. From there, whatever happens, happens.

If everything else in my life falls to dust, Crow Tokens will remain forever and while that may sound silly to some, to me, it’s the start of a Legacy that actually matters to me. Over time I’d like to add utility to Crow Token but I will not do anything to blurs lines or create any potential for it to become challenged by any regulatory body. I want my tokens to be clean, fair, fun and hopefully, some day, everyone in the world will hold at least a couple on their Cardano wallets and who knows, maybe in the future as the technology grows, you’ll be able to find Crow Tokens on ALL wallets through interoperability protocols that bring many worlds of crypto and their communities, together.

I’d love to see Crow Tokens used to inspire and educate people in crypto. I’d love to see utility use cases utilizing them spread all over.

I know this was a really long read and in some parts sad and dark, but the fact is, through every darkness there is light as one cant exist without the other and my hope is that Crow Tokens aren’t just a silly meme token traded by degens across the world but a true token of what is possible for anyone. A reminder of our potential and a statement to those that still don’t believe in cryptocurrencies or the future they intend to bring.

Through metaverse or Web 2.5/3, VR, AR and levels of transhumanism growing year by year, the means by which a token such as Crow Tokens can be used for fun and inspiration ultimately spreading the word of financial freedom through self education.

Together, we are a Murder Of Crows capable of flight to new heights never before achieved and for those of you that join this community of mine, I welcome you, your ideas and your opinions, from any walk of life, color or creed, gay or straight, young or old. The time for division is no more and now is the time we all stand together for the purpose of making all lives better. In the meantime, lets just have some fun.

To keep track of what goes on in the Crow Tokens community, simply join the Telegram Group, and follow on Twitter

and of course, Subscribe to yours truly on Youtube.

Crow Your Coins

  • Hi Jason, thank you for sharing your story. I’m inspired by your authenticity, sensitivity and genuine contribution you are making to the Cardano ecosystem and beyond. It’s this frequency that attracted me to the Cardano community about 2 years ago. Apart from investing I’ve been looking to find my place and how I can uniquely contribute. It was at the end of last year, after attending the Summit in Lausanne, that I started to see how my work in human potential development could be brought to life on Cardano. It hasn’t been easy to build awareness and find the right collaborators. I know this is part of any new idea but something about your story here tells me that you ‘get it’ . I’d love to hear what you think and I’m very open for any suggestions you might have. Here is the link to the article:

    Really appreciate your YouTube channel and the insight you bring. I look forward to holding some crow tokens as a symbol of the mission you are on.


  • Michael Reply
    June 7, 2023

    Man, intens story..
    I have been following you and like your work and mindset a lot.
    I will keep the crowtokens just for that reason.
    Keep up the good work Jason.
    Love from another giant (6ft6) 😉

  • ChefCrypto Reply
    June 20, 2023

    This has been a great experience watching the project come to life! Thank you for all that you do CryptoCrow. Been a fun ride. Can’t wait to see all of these projects come together in the years to come. I’m a happy and proud supporter!

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