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We understand click bait and algorithms, though we dont use them to game the system for low engagement views to be able to charge you more. 

A live stream on Youtube and Twitter can often double view count and expose your project to two different audiences. 

We have shown that to get the biggest bang for your advertising dollar, you are best to include your project as a segment in a popular video to get the exposure you want. Crow is one of the top Cardano based Youtubers and his viewership is primarily made up of those who have established a level of wealth by watching his Cardano based content since 2017. If you are wanting to get new eyes on your project, its best to buy a segment within a video Crow knows will do well on Youtube. Videos with Sponsored Segments are generally structured to perform well in the Youtube Algo specifically to get advertisers value. This is because Crow is known to create content unrelated to Cardano that he believes in regardless of expected view counts simply for the sake of sharing his opinion or otherwise educating viewers on something new. This is why you may see dramatic changes in view counts between Cardano related videos and non Cardano related content.

Advertising with Crypto Crow can be a wildly successful venture and well worth the investment, though paid segments aren’t guaranteed positive and are always an honest reflection of Crow’s opinion. Paid segments are always fully disclosed in the description of the video and this is non negotiable. 

All paid segments are paid for in advance before any work is done. Once payments are made, the transaction code is sent along with any notes to consider, your website URL and a due by date. Crow does not read scripts.

Crypto Crow is considered an OG in the crypto space with a level of integrity not common in blockchain influencers. He may not have the subscribers of some of the biggest Youtubers, but his audience is powerful and has the ability to move markets as has been proven time and again.


As you’ll see in the Before and After examples below, high view counts of those who dont restrict 13-17 year olds looks great, but it costs you more with less result in the end. The Murder Of Crows is a vast community and Crypto Crow is known to be an influencer of influencers in the crypto space. Many great projects began with Crow first and the rest followed, such an example is Cardano. 

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Before and After

These are just a couple examples of what can happen when advertising with Crypto Crow. There are MANY over the years. 

Like investing in crypto, advertising results are never guaranteed. My opinions and reviews are based on the merit of your project as I see it. No size offer will guarantee a glowing review. As an advertiser, you are paying for the exposure time on my channel only. What viewers and advertisers call the “Crow Effect” is merely the result of me discovering something I truly see potential in and my enthusiasm shines through into dramatic market results. It can not be bought or artificially inspired. If your project happens to inspire me, excite me or otherwise thrill me as a project, congratulations, you’re on the right track. There are no refunds for paid advertising. If your project is a scam of any kind, a hollow cash grab or otherwise a shit project, my channel will not help put lipstick on a pig.

Crow Ad Rates

All advertising is paid in advance with ETH or ADA.

Discounts are offered for long term campaigns paid in advance.

Beware of scammers impersonating either Crow, Rob or Jason and always verify before sending crypto. We are not responsible for you being scammed by impersonators and they are everywhere so be very careful.

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