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CrowToken Fair Launch June 19 on


The time is getting near as we prepare for the Fair Launch of Crow Tokens on

As explained in my recent I Will Live Forever Through You blog story, I have recently given away over 2 Billion of the total 125 Billion Crow Tokens to fans and supporters.

100% of the remaining tokens will be sent to a protocol on along with a donation of 10,000 ADA to start a pool that will be locked forever. I will not have any Crow Tokens and will have to buy them at launch along with everyone else.

Tokens I buy from the protocol will be used for a variety of things such as meme contests, content articles (How has Crypto Crow and or Cardano changed your life, as an example) and a variety of other things.

There is no value assumption to Crow Tokens whatsoever. They have 0 value and are merely what I consider a Legacy Shit Coin. My hope is that everyone ends up with a few as a memory of me and our early days of the best Layer 1 blockchain in the world. What happens with the tokens after the fair launch is up to the world to decide.

I know that times are tough in the crypto space with seemingly so many people gunning for what we love, but I believe it will all smooth over and settle into a better place for all. Every fight starts with the first flurry of heavy punches and ultimately slow down in speed and power leaving room for opportunity. Congress is working on helping the crypto space be more fair for all with clear policies but it likely wont be until we get a more fair administration in place and the world can settle down in its politicizing of everything.

It’s always darkest before the dawn and I do believe light will shine sooner than later. Until then, lets just have some fun.

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