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Crow Tokens For A Better Today

Since I’ve been in the cryptocurrency space I’ve seen the rush of dopamine hit countless times as well as the utter heartbreak of loss, all within the same 30 second window of time only for it to repeat about every 15 minutes as I refreshed my crypto portfolio on a busy trading day. The sweet smell in the air of a 40% pump of my favorite token as I watch the green candles grow upwards like a degen gambler making 3 game parlay bets on chicken races.

Many of us in crypto are stressed. We often get burned out by the ebb and flow of the market swings and cycles while constantly gorging on new white papers in hopes of discovering that next new cryptocurrency that will either change the world, make us wealthy or both. Sometimes, we just wanna have some fun.

Crow Tokens are a community meme token stemming from the Crypto Crow, one of Cardano’s first proponents back in 2017 who educated himself and ultimately his viewing audience about Cardano at a time when the world had nothing nice to say about it. Many didn’t bother reading up on the works, development methods, roadmaps, peer reviewed papers or really anything other than whatever some ETH or BTC maxi had to say in their latest hit piece. Crypto Crow continued pushing on through the ups and downs of the market cycles from .13 cents up to $1.33, back down to .02 cents and up to $3.14, educating and inspiring others along the way as many became wealthy for taking an interest. Crow Tokens are a celebration of that fortitude against the grain for all who continue to support Cardano and its community while we laugh at the hysteria of the market cycles and ourselves.

No Gains, No Pains

We make no promises of any gain or value potential of Crow Tokens as they are a shitcoin. A fun, worthless project with its only real value being in its message. One mans shit is another mans treasure, much like Cardano was back in 2017 and to some still to this day. Regardless of the destination, the journey is where we learn, grow and share and from that, we establish the value of our future based on the efforts we put in today.

Whatever happens, happens. In the meantime, lets have some fun.

125,000,000,000 Tokens

125 Billion Crow Tokens have been minted on the Cardano blockchain with no purpose or use case other than to bring a smile to the faces of those that hold them and continue to engage and act on behalf of the Cardano community as well as Crypto Crow.

Whatever happens from here is history, for better or worse. How do you plan to write history?

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