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Crow Tokens Fair Launch Completed on – Thank you all!

Ladies and Degens, it has finally happened.

The Fair Launch for Crow Tokens has finally occurred and it was surprisingly a bit stressful. I sent 100% of the leftover Crow Tokens as well as a donation of 10,000 ADA to VyFi from which they setup the Liquidity pool which was sent back to my wallet. I had no idea what any of this was as I’m not a DEFI guy really, but from there, I had to connect to the staging area and setup the Liquidity pool and lock it.

The liquidity pool was locked for 100 years! Neither myself nor anyone else can touch this pool for a decade. The lockup is so long that their UI and systems weren’t setup to display the term properly, but it worked.

From there, once the pool was confirmed and operational, it was launched at which point I announced it on the Crow Tokens Telegram Group.

I announced it before I even attempted to purchase any for myself which was either a good move or bad depending on how you look at it. The degens began pouring in instantly and while I had attempted to buy 60billion CROW for 10,000 ADA, it wouldn’t let me. The price was already moving on me so I had to cancel and try again. And again. Finally I adjusted my slippage and tried buying a smaller amount and after another attempt or two I was able to finally buy 5,000 ADA worth which ended up being about 20 billion tokens.

The Crow Token Discord

I have added a member of the VyFi support team to the Telegram group and Discord to help anyone having any issues. Be careful if you’re trying to purchase CROW tokens and do not buy them expecting them to go up in price or make you profits. They are useless tokens, the best shit coin on Cardano. They are a token that represent me, forever in cyberspace and will be used for fun things in the future such as Policy ID gated access to groups or events such as this Crow Token Group.

I will be covering price action of Crow Tokens on my channel just to let everyone know whats happening, for better or worse from here on. I am also going to work on getting them listed on and other platforms.

My goal with this launch was to be 100% fair to all while not taking advantage of any advantage there may be in launching something like this. Complete transparency and just a straight up method of giving birth to something into the world.

I’ve only ever wanted everyone to do well in crypto and since I began my journey I’ve made every effort to bring all of you along for the ride. The CROW tokens are just another element of enabling people to be part of my journey in the space. Times are difficult right now, I know, but I do believe things will get much better in time. As the major corporations and investment players scramble the eggs to make their omelet those of us who push forward, I believe, will be in play to ride their train alongside them whether they want us to or not. The rest will become their customers after the fact.

I want to thank Steven Ward of VyFi for his help in bringing Crow Tokens to the public and keeping everything clear and appreciating how I wanted to do things. He understood the goal perfectly and embraced it fully. I also want to thank all of you in our Murder Of Crows for your support over the years whether by just watching my videos on Youtube, commenting, liking, subscribing as well as engaging in my groups, Twitter etc. All of you make up the reason I’m still here stomping through the sludge that is an effort to bring us to heal under the boots of those that dont want us to rise without their permission or commission.

Thank you all and lets have some fun changing the world as best we can.

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