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Buy Promotions on Crypto Crow with Crow Tokens

Since 2017 Crypto Crow has been educating others during his journey into the blockchain space, steadily building a following. When Crow grew to approx 50,000 subscribers on Youtube, the paid promotional offers began coming in only to grow in frequency as his channel grew.

“You’re not paying for my opinion, only time on my channel” Crypto Crow always says, protecting the integrity of his views on various projects letting advertisers know that a paid segment doesn’t always mean a glowing review but rather an opportunity for him to review the project on his channel and share his honest thoughts.

As has been proven many times over the years, while even a constructive though not entirely positive review on the Crypto Crow channel can yield tens of thousands of extremely targeted and active blockchain users eager to discover the next big thing, a positive review can mean upwards of over $10,000,000 in market capitalization in under 48 hours. It’s not just about the number of views a video gets, but the audience and their relationship with Crow that matters most. If Crow likes something, it matters.

Over the years Crow has primarily accepted BTC or ETH for paid segments, though recently, due to his efforts in launching what he refers to as his Legacy Meme Token, Crow Tokens, minted on the Cardano blockchain, he is now accepting CROW as a form of payment for his paid segments.

In a bear market, Crow can do very sporadic paid segments in his content ranging between 1-2 ETH in price, but as times move closer to Bull market territory, views and engagement can quadruple quickly while increasing the value of paid segments as well the number of Paid Segments completed in a week.

Adding this kind of trade volume to Crow Tokens will only further support the Crow community as there are currently 1,236 CROW holders currently based on metrics from TapTools. This, after the dust has settled post Fair Launch in which Crow gave away over 2 Billion CROW tokens to supporters of his channel followed by donating the remainder of the tokens to a protocol along with 10,000 ADA which is locked up for 100 years ultimately launching a liquidity pool for the world to do as they please. After announcing the Fair Launch, Crow was then able to buy back some of the CROW tokens which he bought 5,000 ADA worth for himself which resulted in approx 20 billion CROW.

How Will This Work?

From now on, advertisers looking to buy paid promotions on the Crypto Crow Youtube Channel may do so using the typical methods of using Ethereum, however, if an advertiser goes to they can purchase CROW tokens which can be used to purchase Paid Segments instead and in doing so will save 20% from the cost of the segment for the effort and support of his community.

For example, a paid segment at the time of this writing would cost 1 ETH at a current market value of $1,880 – or 6,714 ADA. Reduce the sum by 20% and you have 5,372 ADA. Using the 5,372 ADA the advertiser will go to and purchase 2,541,568,479 CROW which would then be sent for the paid segment with transaction codes.

It sounds more complicated than it is. Though it’s a way for advertisers to save on their advertising costs, support the CROW community and further establish Crypto Crow’s Legacy by becoming a valuable part of the CROW use case potential which will continue to grow over time through 2025.

If you are interested in advertising on the Crypto Crow Youtube Channel, please reach out to Jason Starr on Telegram or Email.

DISCLAIMER: The only thing that would cause this to end is advice from a legal authority saying it could cause problems in any way. Otherwise, we can’t see any reason why this wouldn’t be ok.

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